Substance Abuse

Alano House

Alano House provides services directed toward recovery (mental health and substance use) with a focus on underserved populations (homeless, offenders, indigent) and support for their families. Alano House maintains four sober homes. We assist clients in developing skills to maintain a safe and sober lifestyle that allows for a return to becoming an active member • Read More »

Aspen Pointe

Aspen Pointe is one of the largest non-profits in Colorado Springs. The organization serves more than 30,000 individuals and families each year through a range of services in mental health, substance abuse, vocational training, education, and restorative justice. Aspen Pointe’s mission is; Empowering clients. Enriching Lives. Embracing Purpose. (719) 572-6100

Cedar Springs Behavioral Health

Cedar Springs provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment for individuals of all ages dealing with emotional, mental, and/or chemically-related problems. The facility is at the foot of beautiful Cheyenne Mountain. (719)633-4114.

Empowerment Therapy Center

ETC offers holistic therapeutic intervention, community connectedness, and advocacy leading to empathy, accountability, and the discovery of self-worth. ETC methods include group therapy, individual therapy, play therapy, and couples therapy, family therapy, parenting classes, life skills parenting, seminars, evaluations and more. ETC specializes in trauma recovery, grief and loss, domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse • Read More »

Fresh Start Colorado

Fresh Start Colorado offers an accommodating yet secure residential setting for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The residential neighborhood area, building layout and security procedures offer a safe sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that have formerly influenced our clients’ addictive behaviors.

Springs Recovery Connection

Springs Recovery Connection is a nonprofit recovery community organization that educates, mentors, and advocates for recovery and long term recovery solutions. SRC’s goal is to demystify addiction to alcohol and other drugs through public awareness and education- educate the community about the disease of addiction and the reality of long-term recovery. They provide recovery support • Read More »

Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center’s (ZPYSC) vision is positive choices today for successful youth tomorrow. The facilities mission statement is to maintain a standard of excellence, which empowers committed youth to become productive community members by providing a structured environment, providing offender accountability to victims and communities and assisting youth in developing skills and competencies • Read More »