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Coalition for the Upper South Platte

The mission of the Coalition for the Upper South Platte is to protect the water quality and ecologic health of the Upper South Platte Watershed through the cooperative efforts of watershed stakeholders, with the emphasis on community values and economic sustainability.

Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG)

CoPIRG, Colorado Public Interest Research Group, is a consumer group that stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten our health and safety, our financial security or our right to fully participate in our democratic society. For decades, we have stood up for consumers, countering the influence of big banks, insurers, chemical manufacturers and other • Read More »

Colorado Springs Food Rescue

CSFR’s mission is to intercept and rescue fresh, perishable food that is about to be thrown away and sustainably transport it directly to hunger relief nonprofit partners, low-­income/low-access neighborhoods, and local schools and community centers. In addition to this, they have an ever-growing number of school-based projects, collaborate with low-income/low food access neighborhoods to devise • Read More »

Colorado Springs School District 11/Grant Elementary (School Psychologist)

District 11 has 60 schools, all of which are working to serve students with individualized programs designed to meet their specific needs. D-11 has International Baccalaureate programs at the elementary, middle and high school level and programs like CORE Knowledge, Advanced Placement, a unique Gifted and Talented program, a comprehensive Career and Technology Education program • Read More »

Community Prep School

Community Prep School (CPS) is an accredited alternative education campus serving students throughout the Colorado Springs Region. Opened in 1995, our focus is about helping students realize their full potential — personally, educationally, career-wise and for life. (719) 227-8836.

Corpus Christi Catholic School

The GOAL of Corpus Christi Catholic School is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which a student is encouraged to grow in spiritual values, right judgment, and academic knowledge. Every effort is made to guide each student’s spiritual, intellectual, and social and emotional development in the light of the teachings of Jesus Christ. CCCS strives • Read More »